Nick Asheshov

Nicholas Asheshov is former Fleet Street journalist and writer who has spent much of his career in South America, mostly in Peru.

Since 1995 he has lived in an old adobe railway station in a riverside wood at 9,600 ft above sea level, half-way between Cuzco and Machu Picchu beneath the glaciers and snow peaks of the Cordillera Urubamba.

Nick is a shareholder and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Andean Railways Corp., which after a long legal battle broke the monopoly, run latterly by a London-based luxury hotel chain, on rail transport to what the Huffington Post has just named “The Ultimate Place to Visit Before You Die.”

This site collects some of Nick’s Country Notes published in Caretas, Lima in Spanish as well as other columns written in recent years.  Here they are all in the original English. Click on the categories below for a list of articles.


13 comments on “Nick Asheshov

  1. I love the new home page!

  2. Simon Deeley says:

    Hi I would ike tomget hold of willioam lowther who you quoted on your piece about Fawcett, do you have an email I can sent an enquiry to.

  3. it has been nice to meet you again over these pages Nick.
    Always a pleasure to read your smooth style and rich content.

  4. Love your blog Nick!

  5. hugh thomson says:

    Great picture Nick. But do you have a ticket for that train?

  6. Shane says:

    Nick, What’s that striped thing on the front of the train? A llama-catcher?

  7. Dear Nick,

    Lovely site.

    Richard and I so enjoyed meeting you and Maria Carmen plus the jolly good vino and delicious little tamale things. We are home now with our heads full of amazing memories.

    Love and best wishes,


  8. Gary Ziegler says:


    Great to see you have a new web site…. Save me a front seat for our next run together down the line.

  9. Kattya Vidal says:

    Buen dìa, por favor podrian enviarnos sus telefono o emails de contacto tengo una cotizacion para 2 clientes.

  10. claudia says:

    Nick!! Good to see you are doing good…. hope to you see you sometime in Urubamba.
    Send email if you get this as Valeria also wants to reconnect with you.
    Claudia xBooth

  11. Querido Nick.

    Acabo de enterarme de la ida de Igor.
    Nos ha dado muchísima pena, recordando su alegría en los paseos a Bujama y Huarochiri, y su paciencia con nuestras hijas.
    Una de ellas la mayor, Elke se casa el próximo 2 de agosto y estará por el Cusco y alrededores del 4 al 12 de ese mes (le voy a pedir que se acerque a saludarte).
    Por mi parte tengo un par de clientes en Cusco (la Caja Municipal y Credinka), por lo que voy un par de veces al año, pero estoy solo en la ciudad por un día.
    Muchos cariños y un fuerte abrazo, esperando vernos pronto para conversar y recordar buenos momentos.

    Luzma y Wolfi Pedal

  12. Nola Lowrie says:

    Dear Sir,
    Had your article on the world economy from Aug 31 not been so over-run with clichés and metaphors it would have been much easier to read and understand. Just a thought.
    Best regards,

  13. mhalpern2000 says:

    Another excellent article. Unfortunately, the government entities in charge of the economy believe doing things in the typical Peruvian fashion as they repair the roads — in patches. Tough times lie ahead and the sooner Peru wakes up to this reality, the better. I wish I was as optimistic as you appear to be that the next government will be any better. During the good years of high metals prices, Peru should have been investing in it’s human capital — such as quality public school education through high school.

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